🍿 Watching black misleadership implode… The issue isn’t that the NAACP sold out, the NAACP funded by white daddy hasn’t been shit since the 60s. The issue is that Gaskin abandoned ship, fracturing their lil coalition of negro gatekeepers trying to hold on to their jobs, livelihood and standings… and ability to profit off black oppression, most of which will be eliminated by a city county merger. Black aldermen in the city are going through the same thing as a result of impending ward reduction.<br><br>They have no answers. They never imagined the day their gravy train would jump the track… Now they’re crying to us. Sorry, you’re paying the price for taking us for granted. If it takes this merger to force you out of position then so be it. Fuck saving you, we rather take our chances when the dust settles. #OurNameIsBennett #WhenWhiteDaddyCleansHouse #NoLifePreservers

🍿 Watching black misleadership implode... The issue isn't that the NAACP sold out, the NAACP… More... Continue reading