Dick Gregory, Malcom X, Marcus Garvey ~ Wasted Legacies

Dick Gregory, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey ~ Wasted Legacies

When I first heard the news of the transitioning of Baba Dick Gregory, I experienced sadness — not due to his transitioning in and of itself, he had lived his life and made his contributions. My sadness came from the thought the all of his work and sacrifices would be like so many before him — wasted on a generation that lacked the passion to push past the obstacles to build on what those before us have done.

I remember Dr. John Henrick Clarke saying that it is up to those that follow to build on what he and Dr. Ben Yachanen, Dr. Akbar, Dr. Amos Wilson, Dr. Welsing and so many others have built on.

Unfortunately, there are far too few of us building on the legacies of Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Dr. King, Dr. Clarke and more. There is another soldier that is growing weary whom I love dearly, Dr. Claud Anderson, who is also in his 80s. Who can he pass the torch to? Who will take up the mantle and teach in the manner that he has? Will great work turn out to be another wasted legacy? This is what I struggle with daily.

When it is my time to transition, will there be a generation raised up ready to take what I have built to the next level, or will continue to be confined to the mediocre existence defined by our White oppressors due to a lack of passion and purpose?

As some point, we are going to have to rise up and live at the level of our design. As some point, we are going to have to walk out from the shadows of perceived comfort into the belly of an intense struggle if we ever want to experience true liberation. The wasted legacies of our ancestors must be reignited, recharged and reengaged! ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

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