Donate to help build our studio, back up thousands of videos and podcasts currently on youtube and podcast sites and fund our expansion to Amazon Fire TV, Roku & Alexa

Can’t do it without you fam. Please donate today to help us reach our financing goal to set up our studio which will fund our 24 hour broadcast and shows like Sleep Is the New Woke and Free Em All Radio ft Chairman Fred Hampton Jr & the Lady of Rage.

Our studio will be located at the Hampton House, the childhood home of Black Panther Chairman Fred Hampton. Donations will also pay for equipment needed to transition off Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, backing up the content contained on this platform and allow content providers to upload content directly, allowing them to operate without fear of being deactivated or shut down.

Donations also help fund our expansion to Amazon Fire TV, Roku & Alexa giving us the ability to reach millions in real time worldwide.