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Glen Ford Black Agenda Report Nails a Ghastly Change Since Obama

Commentary, Watch 26 Apr 17 0

Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report nails an interesting observation on Obama’s influence on African-Americans and war policy.

Ford has agreed to a discussion on his article on Friday. I’m totally looking forward to it. His observation
does seem to be on point. A demographic that’s typically distrustful of government power, supported
their president and wasn’t specific about that support; meaning they were pulled further to the right
with regards ot policies of war and conquest. Let’s discuss!

Glen Ford talks to The Real News about new Mike Brown footage which discredits Ferguson PD and how police and media tactics are used to vilify black victims.

News, Watch 14 Mar 17 0

Glen Ford talks breaks down police and media tactics in relation to Michael Brown in light of new video footage that discredits Ferguson police account.