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Ras Ceylon, a Hampton surrogate cautions about Sony documentary about Chiarman Fred Hampton. Calls doc an attempt to hijack legacy and capitalize off of the pain of Chairman Fred’s family

News 14 May 17 0

“By now many of you have seen these reports about an upcoming biopic of Chairman Fred Hampton Sr. & it should be clearly noted that the Chair of the Dec.4th Committee-Akua Njeri who is the widow of Chairman Fred Sr. & survivor of the 12/4/69 cointelpro assassination nor their son Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. Pocc Panther Cubs have been contacted by Fuqua, Sony or Jeff Hass (who we have learned “sold the book rights of this story to make a movie”) so this is clearly an attempt to hijack legacy and capitalize off of the pain of Chairman Fred’s family. We are calling on all community members to call the question of this glaring contradiction..get @ these forces directly..demand that Chairman Fred Jr. Black Panther Party Cubs & Dec.4th committee be contacted immediately!! Every August30th is Chairman Fred Streetz Party in Chiraq & Dec.4th is International Revolutionary Day for many many years now it’s clear who is carrying on the legacy of the Black Panther Party, respect it protect it and neva neglect it!! What’s the call? #FreeEmAll #BPPC #WeRide www.ChairmanFredJr.com http://allblackmedia.com/2017/05/antoine-fuqua-to-develop-movie-about-black-panther-leader-fred-hampton-sr/ ”

– Ras Ceylon

Ras Ceylon Interview

Interviews 06 Jan 17 0

Excited about my upcoming interview with Ras Ceylon, a brotha who’s been putting in work from Cali to the Chi, he serves with a smile, a real joy to watch. We’ll be discussing his work with both Colin Kaepernick and Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.