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guess who’s coming to radio??!! |Honoring The Life And Work Of Kwame Ture…

Shows 24 Feb 17 0

Hosted by: Jamilah Bourdon

Kwame Ture has been committed to the struggle for African liberation for a majority of his life, and yet his work is overshadowed by so many others in the movement. That is just as well, since those who do the bulk of the work on the ground are rarely, if ever, recognized.

Ture was one of the contributors to the foundation of the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (A-APRP), in which the objective continues to be a unified Africa under Socialism. There are many people around the world organizing with the party; and we speak with Ahjamu Umi (who has been with the party most of his life), about Kwame Ture’s life work, and contributions to the A-APRP.

Source: kboo.fm