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Grand Rapids Cop Draws Weapon On 5 Unarmed Black Teens

Commentary, Watch 24 Apr 17 0

The Advise Show talks about how police culture and racial profiling contributed to a Grand Rapids police officer drawing his weapon on 5 unarmed black teens minding their own business… how this type of harassment is accepted by the establishment as the price for keeping our community safe.

The Advise Show | 10 Reasons Why Black People Don’t Support Black Business Or Endeavors

Shows, Talk 06 Nov 16 0

Phil of the Advise Show breaks down the 10 common reasons why black people don’t support black business or endeavors and gives solution how to break out of this cycle.

The Advise Show | Why Black Men Are A Laughing Stock In America? Coon Whoring Ft. Lil Wayne

Shows, Talk 03 Nov 16 0

Show Description
The first “Why Black Men Are A Laughing Stock In America?” produced 3 years ago covered the topic of sagging pants. I love my brothers enough to show tough love upon them because i see greatness in them. It’s sad i have to produce another video 3 years later but black men are cooning like it’s a fashion statement. The sad part is watching rich black men whore themselves out to massa in hope to get scraps from his table. It’s time for black men to be men and lead our community.