The Black Family & The Black Struggle: The Genesis of Black Empowerment

The Black Family & The Black Struggle: The Genesis of Black Empowerment

Those of you who have followed me for any time know that I have an immense passion for the restoration of the Black family nucleus. The passion I have for restoring the Black family is not rooted in empty emotion but with the understanding that it is the Black family through which axiological principles and values and disseminated and inculcated into the minds of Black youth — as a part of the holistic educational process that prepares and empowers them to go out into the world and not only compete, but win.

The disintegration of the Black family unit has transpired over several phases, with the first attack taking place the moment we stepped foot on American soil as slaves 398 years ago. Unlike Brazilian slavery and other forms of slavery that were a part of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, American chattel slavery did allow for legal marriage, and since marriage among slaves were not recognized by slave owners, families were often broken up. Especially when it came to Black men either having their wives and children sold off from them or being sold off from their families.

After chattel slavery was abolished, slavery by a new name (reconstruction) was instituted, and again the Black family was attacked, but we manage to remain in tact. However, as the Moynihan Report reveals, the continuous marginalization and emasculation of the Black man led to perpetual and pervasive poverty that created a situation in which 75 percent of Black children in 1960 were born into two-parent households to a point in 2017 where 75 percent of Black children are born into single-parent households.

The devastation created by this reality is immeasurable for a number of reasons, but one thing is clear, we must invest the time, energy, and effort to reverse this trend if we truly expect to experience elevation and employment anytime soon. ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

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Building a Better Black Man

We cannot elude the reality associated with the current state of Black manhood. We can’t pretend that African American adolescent and young adult males are reigning terror on inner-city Black neighbors for power and territory they don’t own.

We can’t pretend that Black men, in significant numbers, have not found it to be an acceptable course of action to procreate and then abandon their progeny. We cannot pretend that the second leading cause of death for Black females between the age of 15 and 44 is intimate partner homicide (predominantly at the hands of Black men).

We can’t pretend that Black men have deemed to be acceptable to openly degrade and disrespect the Black woman. He has attached himself from his responsibilities as protector, provider, leader and more.

The only way that we overcome this social deficit is to address the issue early in life before our young Black males become contaminated with erroneous ideologies and values. This is done through proper and comprehensive racial socialization and the best way to do that is a universal rite of passage mechanism. I created the Black Men Lead rite of passage program to provide young Black males across this country with the access to the type of engagement and stimulation that will build a Better Black Man…

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