The Lynching of Danye Jones & Don Lemon Facing Backlash from White Men | Dr. Rick Wallace

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Local media and police are finally responding…
“In an interview Wednesday, McKinnies said she knew her son did not kill himself. She said he was targeted and murdered in retaliation for her activism.
She insisted he was upbeat, not suicidal, and did not know how to tie the types of knots used in the ligature. The sheet used did not match the family’s sheets. And he had packed an overnight bag, which had been left on the patio, a suggestion that he trusted and had planned to leave the house with the person who killed him, she said.
McKinnies, her husband, a sister, and brother, said they did not know how the hanging occurred. They said that was for police to figure out.
Stories characterizing the death as a lynching have gone viral on social media; several well-known publications have reported it as fact. Some have tried to connect the case to an often-shared theory that someone was systematically taking out young Ferguson protesters.
A rally to support the family has been scheduled for 5 p.m. Thursday in downtown Clayton.
St. Louis County Police said they thought Jones’ death was a suicide.
Spokesman Shawn McGuire said the body was on the ground when police arrived. There were no signs of struggle or trauma to the body. And, he said, the family reported a suicide when they called 911. A determination of the cause of death had not yet been made, pending results from toxicology tests.”
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