There Are Phases To This…

When I talk about building our own media, people think Facebook or Youtube, the idea that we transition off media platforms we don’t own, operate or control to our own is unimaginable. Even when we ‘own’ it, it is not ours, ‘the collective’. Prime example, Revolt TV, supposedly black owned but not community oriented. And def not used in our struggle.

As Alex Jones has shown, the powers that be can shut you down. All the way down. Years of information, content, audio/video gone, like poof! Especially when these works are limited to social media and not backed up.

There are phases to this. No one is gonna drop a ready made tv, radio station or news platform in our laps. We have to build. Building entails 1. learning, creating a foundation, the framework… 2. dissecting false narratives, creating original content, gathering content, syndicating/distributing feeds and 3. setting up shop (physical location) & moving our works off Facebook and Youtube on to our own platforms and servers. 4. creating original content, do investigative journalism.

We don’t have the luxury of going from one phase to the next. We have to cover all bases, simultaneously… at all times. Every day we are under the threat of being silenced. Any day that threat can become reality.