Training Young Black Males for Manhood | Black Men Lead Rite of Passage Initiative

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Black Men Lead Mission Statement
The mission of Black Men Lead is to systematically engage the enigmatic issues that are plaguing the relationships between Black men in order to free them to live and function in their design and purpose. We will confront those issues that create stagnancy and the lack of progress, such as lack of purpose, the need to compete with other black men, inferiority complex, the lack of understanding black male responsibility and the need to interpolate courage where fear has run rampant — beginning through our rite of passage program.

Black Men Lead Vision
The Black Men Lead movement was birthed from a desire to inspire black men to abandon their natural proclivity to compete with one another in lieu of standing together in unity. One of the greatest impediments moving against black progression is the lack of black male leadership. Somewhere along the way, black men chose to abdicate their roles as leaders, providers, protectors, and coverings for those in their homes and communities. Self-aggrandizement became the new order of the day, and the finger pointing began.

My vision for blacks as a collective group is the realization of our true potential, and that begins with the elevation and empowerment of our men. I have often said that the spiritual nature of our women can provide the altitude we need, but only our men can provide the compulsion necessary to move us forward. We can only get as high as our women can lift us, and we will only get as far as our men can lead us.

The Black Men Lead initiative should be seen as a resourced challenge to black men to stand up and behave like black men, leaving the childish behavior that lacks intrinsic value behind. It is both, a right of passage program for our Black male youth and a clarion call for out adult men. When I say resourced, I mean that we are not simply challenging black men to step up, we are going to provide them with the resources and guidance necessary to do it. It starts at the top and then it becomes infectious, spreading to all who are within our periphery.

We must adopt a mindset of leading with our lives more than we lead with our words. My mother once told me that I would never have to defend myself when I allowed the life that I lived to speak for me. That is how black men must lead. We must lead through the lives we live, and that is my vision — a nation of black men who are leading through the lives they live. ~ Dr. Rick Wallace, Ph.D.