URGENT! Pray for Cameroon!!!


We come before you oh MOST HIGH CREATOR of Heaven and Earth for mercy upon those affected by the anglophone SOCIO-POLITICAL CRISIS in Southern Cameroon, according to thy loving kindness we pray thee compassion upon us and for a peaceful end of these past two years , May you blot out our transgressions for they are many; the sins we have willfully committed against you , May you forgive the individual and collective sins of our people

May you deliver us from generational curses and break ever ancestral demonic altars in every family affected.

Deliver us from demonic blood ritual covenants made upon our land by the shedding of innocent blood.

let peace and righteousness reign in all villages and towns in Southern Cameroon from : Akwaya, Mamfe, Dikome balue, Kumba, Batibo, Kumbo, Buea, Bamenda, Limbe, Nguti, Ngungu, Mutengene and every other town and village

Let there peace upon all the tribes in Southern Cameroon may they work in unity for development of our nation

We pray for those who are now refugees in Nigeria Oh Most High Creator, be their provider, their strength, their refuge, their help and their protector! may they have food and water and safety etc…

We pray for freedom for all imprisoned journalist and civil society people under very inhuman conditions may they be set free and healed.

MAY you oh Yah expose those using this crisis for their selfish gains and those who supply weapons which kills our youth may they be brought to justice.

Deliver us from the oppressive army which rapes girls and burn villages, have mercy on us of Yah Most HIGH;

Deliver us from fear and from the neo colonial tentacles which exploit our natural resources for their greed

Deliver us the masonic dictatorship of the central government

We pray for an end to all brutalities of the soldiers, military police and other armed forces of adversity upon the citizens of Southern Cameroon

We pray for healing for all the women and girls that have been raped and verbally insulted and dehumanized by the military.

We Pray Against every evil demonic Manipulation against our people from wicked spiritual forces of freemasonry and Rosicrucian occultism upon the land that are sowing discord and all types of sinful evil be uprooted and pull down, Let every demonic stronghold be pull down in Yahusha Messiah name

We pray for your divine intervention to take your children out of this mess of years of abuse, tribalism, division over language from those who sacrifice our two nations years ago in demonic rituals for wealth and power

We know that you are a God of restoration, you will restore us in perfect peace, be thou highly exalted for thine is the kingdom and power now and forever.. Halaluyah